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Homemade Growth Remedies For Best Results

Hair is identified as one of the most beautiful naturally inherited accessory that a person can wear. Preserving this hair is quite challenging due to the busy schedules of most people at present. Especially if you have reached the age of 30, your hair needs to be given some extra attention in order to make sure that it will stick with you for a longer period than it had originally planned for. However, some of these remedies to stimulate hair growth can be found inside your kitchen itself; take a look at them and get some done so that you too can keep it healthy.

Oil treatmentA scalp massage is considered to be a much needed requirement for your hair. Make sure that a short massage of about five minutes every day is received by your scalp, so that you can easily stimulate the growth. You can accompany this process by combining it with an oiled massage. You just have to heat some coconut oil, apply it on your scalp and massage for about five minutes until it has fully absorbed to your scalp. While the scalp massage needs to be done every day, the oil treatment can be given once or twice a week. Keep track on the progress.

Castor oilYou will not have to go around searching for hair transplant cost if you can simply make use of natural remedies like castor oil to enhance your hair growth. Why is castor oil famous for stimulating growth? This type of oil is known to be very rich in Omega-9 as well as Vitamin E, which are just the perfect ingredients that you need for your hair to grow. It is a bit thicker than other types of oils, and therefore you might have to mix it with some other oil before applying it.

Eggs Eggs are a perfect example of hair transplant in Melbourne. Why do eggs complement growth? As we all know, hair is made out of keratin and what does keratin require to grow? Protein; and that is exactly what eggs contain. The most part of the protein is in the egg yolk. Therefore, when you apply it to your hair, make sure to include the egg yolk in as well, despite the odour it might bring.

Lemon juiceLemon juice contains many nutrients that will stimulate your growth. Not only that, it can also reduce dandruff and hair fall as well. This more like an L’Oreal total repair five shampoo that gives you multiple benefits; the best part is that you do not have to spend any extra dollars on this as lemon can be found in your kitchen. Have you tried any of these methods before?